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Other Service

  • DongYang Industries Electric Co. has entered the entire industry
    with our diverse services.

    Under the goal of “Total Engineering Service,“ all of our executives and employees are moving toward the future.moving toward the future. We provide satisfaction beyond your expectation through a careful management of each service area.
  • Other Service

Car Rental

We provide the latest safe and reliable models.
Our vehicle management system, which covers from rental to return,
guarantee`s our customer`s convenience come first.

Cell phone rental

We provide the latest cell phone models at a reasonable price. Customers` specific makes and model requests can be quickly fullfilled.

Shipping service

As needed, we can transport your items at a reasonable rate through our shipping company partner.

HSE Training

We host diverse onshore and offshore safety education programs, including fire suppression and helicopter evacuation.

Visa Service

We act on your behalf to arrange travel-related matters, from booking a flight to visa acquisition.