Manufacturing items for Marine

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Manufacturing items for Marine

Design & Manufacturing Items for Marine
DongYang Industries Electric Co. produces exceptional products based on our more than 30
years of expertise with on incoming and distributing panels. Our customers` satisfaction and
repeat business due to our excellent products, east of communication and extensive services
guarantees DongYang Industries Electric Co., will be here for future generations of employees,
customers and offshore technologies.

Main Products

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  • Main Switchboard
  • Emergency Switchboard
  • Cargo MCC
  • GSP
  • LGSP
  • Distribution Board

MSBD(Main Switchboard)

It consists of the generator board, synchronous board, 440V distribution board and 220V distribution board.

ESBD(Emergency Switchboard)

Blackout triggers emergency power, and the system is automatically switched to emergency power.
It can be electrical power supply with light, telecommunication, navigation, wireless devices, Steering gear, Emergency fire pump.

Cargo MCC

It apply to Various Industrial facilities such as generation plants, petroleum chemical plants, industrial plants, steelwork plants, and oceanic plants as a high performance and high credibility product.


GSP minimizes an installation space inside a ship. Maintenance and repair works on each starter unit can be done in the front on the rear of the panel.

LGSP(Local Group Starter Panel)

Group starter combines fuel, lubricating oil, coolant pumps that are necessary in operating the main engine and auxiliary machinery. Control unit has installed for automatic operation after electric power restoration work.

Distribution Board

It offers and distributes the power to Lighting or electric instruments that are necessary in operating and use a iron and SUS plate for stand mechanical, electrical impact.

  • ECC
  • BCC
  • CCC
  • BWC
  • GCP
  • WHGB

ECC(Engine Control Console)

ECC is for engine control & displave panel for vessels, and it consists of monitor, level gauge and indicator, etc.

BCC(Bridge Control Console)

It has installed in WHEEL HOUSE(BRIDGE DECK) to control each system (Navigation, Communication, Safety ship) for operation.
There are X & S-BAND RADAR, ECDIS, AUTO PILOT as main instrument.

CCC(Cargo Control Console)

It control on board warehousing product. There are CARGO PUMPING SYSTEM, MONITORING SYSTEM, TANK LEVEL GAUGEING SYSTEM as a main system.

BWC(Bridge Wing Control)

It consists of necessary instrument to moor ship safer and easier at port.

GCP(Group Control Panel)

It offers and distributes power to control Navigation lighting and electric instrument.

WHGB(Wheel House Gauge Board)

It has installed various Indicator to easy monitoring of each equipment at wheelhouse.

AMP system

- 6.6kV Distribution Panel with 22.9kV / 6.6kV Transformer, Pit case, SPO Box, Portable Container


- Package Container Type 500kW, 1000kW