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Site Service

  • We provide reliable, rapid service through our placement of professional engineers
    in the offshore business.

    DongYang Industries Electric Co. can satisfy customers’ on-site demands through
    our many years of production experience and separate plants.

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  • Site Service
  • Mock up
  • JunctionBox
  • Nippoflange
  • Hand Rail
  • Package
  • Tubing
  • Duct
  • Detector
  • Cable

EICT Mock up

Before starting the main construction, we rehearse by installing equipment such as electric apparat, instrumentation, and telecom. There are several types, including containers and frames. All kinds of equipment can be installed in accordance with the customers’ demands.

Junction box

ABTECH OEM verified explosion-proof junction boxes are easily installed and modified to increase reliablity.

Nippoflange & Themowell machining

It is reamed to minimize the gap between the Nippoflange and Thermowell for damage prevention to the thermowell, which may be caused by the vibration.

ABB ICSS PNL modification

Front door bent(topside)-changed and Inside mounting fix baket broken changed and Side plate Bent(Top) renew & repaired.

GRP HAND LAIL replacement

GRP Hand Lail existing modification and replacement.

Pakage installation

Pakage inside PDT, Cable Connection, Emergency push button installation work.

PIPE TUBING installation

Frank Mohn Pakage inside the tubing & tray installation

HVAC DUCT installation

HVAC(Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) DUCT(FRAMO PACKAGE) installation

Gas Detector installation

AHU(Air Handling Unit) intake gas detector installation & cable connection

Cable Connection

Bus bar extension and Power cable connection & torque test