Organization chart

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Organization chart

  • DongYang Industries Electric Co. has core, competent personnel in the required fields.
    They allow us to provide more than just world-class quality to our customers.
  • Organization chart

KOREA Organization

KOREA Detail Dept.

Administration Dept. ∙ Management Support Team
∙ Accounting Team
∙ Material Team
Sales Dept. ∙ Overseas Sales Team
Offshore Dept. ∙ Offshore Construction Team(Ulsan)
∙ Offshore Construction Team(Geoje)
Switchboard Dept. ∙ Subcontractor Management Team
∙ Machining Team
∙ Design Team
∙ Production Team
Q.M ∙ Q.M
∙ A/S

VIETNAM Organization

VIETNAM Detail Dept.

Design Dept. ∙ design Team
Product Dept. ∙ Assembly Team
∙ Cable Connection Team
QC/AS Dept. ∙ QC
∙ A/S